The Best City Car Driving Games Of 2018

We present 2018’s best city car driving games that are available free to play right now. Ready to jump behind the wheel?

There is nothing like driving in the city with the wind in your hair and your music blaring. You can now experience that feeling virtually as we list the best city car driving games below:

1. City Rider 3D

In this exciting city car driving game, you get to hit the streets of the urban sprawl in a vehicle of your choice.

You can explore every twist and turn at top speed in this 3D simulation with high-quality graphics. You will not face any traffic or obstacles, so you can practise your manoeuvres in peace. Challenges include parallel parking and traffic light monitoring.

You can also modify the game to suit your own country’s road traffic laws. If you prefer a personalised driving experience, you can customise your vehicle’s handling too and choose between different road and weather conditions.

2. City Car Driving Simulator

This is a realistic urban driving simulator with vibrant graphics which allows you to master your road skills at night in a beautiful cityscape.

You can choose from a car, truck or SUV and customise the vehicle’s wheels and steering. There are no pedestrians so you can explore the metropolitan setting in style, while you avoid the rest of the night time traffic.

3. 3D Car Simulator

In this fun, fast-moving city car driving simulator game, you can put your road skills to the test against a high-resolution 3D backdrop.

There are three routes to choose from and you can drive a rally car, police car or vintage vehicle and hit the streets at breakneck speed! By changing the camera angle, you can take in the scenery as you cruise along.

4. Highway Racer

In this exhilarating racing game, the object is to drive along a busy highway at night and try to avoid the oncoming traffic.

You can test your driving skills by weaving through the traffic and dodging numerous cars and trucks. There are four different game modes, including the thrilling Bomb mode.

This mimics the film Speed as you drive a truck loaded with a bomb. If you collide with another vehicle, the bomb will explode! You can earn money in all four game modes and unlock new vehicles and customise your cars. There is also a multi-player version, so you can race against your friends.

5. RCC City Racing

This is a street racing game presented in stunning 3D. There are six different game modes and a range of vehicles to choose from and customise.

In Free Play mode, the Police chase you around the city as they try to stop your joyriding spree. You can also partake in a highly competitive multi-player demolition derby and wreak havoc in a runaway bus.

So there you have it. If you love fast-paced city car driving games, then you have come to the right place!

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Published on 3rd August, 2018 in News.