5 Best Driving Games For Mobile

These days, speed freaks can now access their favourite driving games in more ways than ever before. A wide variety of racing games are available for mobile platforms which encompass the IPhone, Android and tablets. We list the best driving games for mobile below:

1. Real Racing 3

This rip-roaring driving game for mobile lets you unleash your inner Lewis Hamilton as you take control of rally cars on a range of fully realised real-life racetracks. Game modes include time trials, standard races and the Timeshift multi-player option.

The game offers varied challenges to players with 39 circuits available in 17 locations. Updates continually add content, such as new vehicles and racing events.

2. Need for Speed (No Limits)

In this street racing simulator, the idea is to pimp your ride to give you the best possible chance of coming out on top. The sharp turns and varied races will put your souped-up speedster to the test.

3. Horizon Chase (World Tour)

In this retro arcade-style driving game for mobile, you race around a brightly coloured world in a sports car in a heart-stopping sprint to the finish line. The onus is on you to succeed as you manage your own fuel and pick up tokens to access future levels.

There are a range of courses to complete as each country has several racetracks and if you finish third in a race, you can advance to the next level. Finishing first or receiving a medal will get you a new car.

4. Extreme Car Driving Simulator

This high-octane sports car simulator lets you perform illegal stunts without finding the Police on your tail. The game’s advanced physics allows you to drive, drift and show off your moves. If other vehicles get in your way, you can just slam past them.

If you want to upgrade to a new car, you can earn virtual money per kilometre driven. You can then explore the highly detailed virtual world at your leisure.

5. Death Chase

This intense car racing game is as uncompromising as it sounds. Your aim is to build a vehicle of destruction and compete against other drivers in a race to the death. Before you begin, choose your weapon and upgrade its features, such as armour and engine and then whenever you complete a race, you can earn money to spend on improvements.

You will face a range of obstacles in the heart-stopping races and can only sustain a certain amount of destruction before your vehicle is destroyed.You are rewarded with additional points for performing stunts and when your reward bar is full, you will receive a short speed burst to help you in your fight to the death!

Driving games are perennially popular as they allow armchair racers to get behind the wheel of the world’s best supercars, street racers and futuristic vehicles. Now that driving games are available for free on mobile platforms, you can even enjoy them on the move!

Published on 12th November, 2018 in News.